Development lead


While our passion is new product development for the Wave Innovation team we also offer consulting services in the field of international sales developement along with new product development.  Our business was established in 2006 with the idea of developing our own products and while we have several in various development phases we have decided to branch out to offer our own specific services.

Our associate in the sales division has a long history of international sales experience and has the skill set to offer training and guidance in dealing with foreign companies and all that it takes to make those connections and work in a global economy.

Jeff Wierschke has a long history in new product development and has worked with firms such as Herman Miller, John Deere, The Kohler company and Harley Davidson to name a few. During his thirty plus years Jeff has participated in the development of a number of products that have been icons in the consumer market bringing that experience and knowledge to your industry.

We would like to work with your team in growing your business whether that be in the international sales field or new product development.


You see this on our business cards and may wonder what this has to do with Wave Innovation.  Both principal owners of the company come from diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds but the one thing they both share is their origins.  Both were raised in northern Michigan and grew up in a strong Finnish culture and that is where the word Laatia has it's origins.

The word defines who we are


            1. To compose, make, devise ( to construct by mental labor; to think up)