We offer the capabilities to take your idea from the napkin sketch through final production.

At Wave Innovation we have worked with numerous firms who we draw upon to bring in the required talent that your project requires, from advanced product design through our connections with numerous Industrial Designers to the engineers and draftsmen who have years of experience with companies such as John Deere, GE, Kohler, Georgia Pacific and Harley Davidson we can meet your design and product development needs however large or small they may be.


At Wave innovation our abilities go beyond the confines of the United States.  Whether it involves local market intelligence for product design parameters, definition of local compliance regulations, or a comprehensive sales distribution analysis, we have the capabilities to provide these services.  We have over 25 years of international experience in all major global markets.


This is a new service for us but one that members of our team have a strong passion this being the design of residential and commercial buildings.  Too often a client will go to the builder or the material supplier wanting a building on their property and having no idea what they want other than they need a building with X amount of square feet but no idea what it will look like and how it will affect the value of their property and what they wind up with in the end is a box that while very functional has no asthetic appeal.  contact us and we will walk you through the site visit looking at the other structures on your property along with the lay of the land and will work with you in designing your dream building.  

The above building was designed by Wave Innovation and all materials were supplied by Mueller, INC. out of Spicewood, Texas and erected by Buck's Construction Services out of Austin, Texas.

Mueller, INC

Bucks Construction Services