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Jeff Wierschke, Wave Innovations VP of product development lead the charge for Exodus Machines while working with the Brooks Stevens design group.

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An Exodus from the Easy Road - Article

Unique to the design team was using fiberglass for the cab structure, as the company was used to traditional steel cabs for crane-applications. “The cab was going to be fiberglass over a tubular frame structure design,” explains Scott Micoley, Brooks Stevens’ program manager.
“This gave us the unique opportunity to give the cab a more automotive shape, something we hadn’t been able to do in the past,” adds Jeff Wierschke, lead project engineer for Brooks Stevens.
The use of fiberglass material allowed Exodus to design an attractive cab, but also to achieve the forward-looking style to the machine it had envisioned.
“We didn’t want our first break-out machine to look boxy and basic. People have been impressed with the next-generation look of the machine, and while that’s only the first step — obviously the machine has to also perform — it does help to spark their interest in learning about the machine. It gives the impression that the machine is going to be good,” says Bacon.